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Cancer Care

Dee Anna Smith, CEO and Dr. Howard BurrisAs the newly formed cancer service line of HCA, Sarah Cannon is committed to advancing science and transforming care. People who live with cancer – those who work to prevent it, fight it, and survive it – are at the heart of every decision we make.

At Sarah Cannon, there has been a legacy of devotion to cancer research and care. The initial clinical research trials began in Nashville in 1993 under the leadership of Drs. Tony Greco and John Hainsworth. Steady growth through the Minnie Pearl Cancer Research Network led to the formation of the Sarah Cannon Research Institute (SCRI) in 2004 as a joint venture of HCA and Tennessee Oncology. Today, Sarah Cannon is expanding our position in cancer beyond clinical research, providing integrated care across facilities and markets in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Sarah Cannon is focused on leveraging scientific advances and innovative approaches to provide cutting-edge therapies to our patients. Our team of collaborating SCRI sites enrolled more than 3,000 patients onto clinical studies sponsored by both our own physician investigators and the world’s premier pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Among these efforts, our drug development program enrolled over 850 patients in 2012 to trials evaluating today’s newest and most promising cancer therapies. We are an international leader in blood and marrow transplantation (BMT), conducting more than 850 transplants in 2012 in seven programs, ranking near the top of the most active programs in the world. As one of the largest providers of radiation oncology services in the United States, our more than 50 facilities offer the latest in radiation technology to the patients we treat.

Our relationships with the Yale Cancer Center, the Peggy and Charles Stephenson Cancer Center at Oklahoma University, and University College London are examples of breakthrough academic partnerships. Clinical excellence and quality is what we strive for in all aspects of the care offered through Sarah Cannon. Our molecular profiling initiative is a core component of our personalized medicine strategy. From premier screening and diagnostic programs, through expertise in all treatment modalities, and survivorship, we are bringing state of the art cancer care closer to home.