What is the Sarah Cannon Community?

Our mission is to provide a platform of support for an online community that is fighting cancer together. Survivors and caregivers band together to gain support, activate the community, and transform the cancer journey. We uphold the mission of Sarah Cannon to support those who live with cancer, yearn to prevent it, fight it, and survive it. Together we can transform and personalize cancer care around the globe.


Who can use Sarah Cannon Community?

Anyone can read the online content of the Community.  You must be over age 13 to create an account, and you must be logged into your account in order to post a comment.


What happens to my data?

We use your personal data to view and address the needs of the Community. We may use your personal data to give you personalized information. We promise not use your personal data in any negative capacity to sell or share your information to third parties, except as identified in our Privacy Policy.


Can I contact Sarah Cannon for medical advice?

No. The Sarah Cannon Community is not a health care provider. Any information or data provided here is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. While you may gather information and learn from other Community members, please do not change any management of your cancer care without consulting your physician.


What am I allowed to post on Sarah Cannon Community?

All posts, comments and submissions must follow the Sarah Cannon Community Guidelines. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the removal of your submitted content or your removal from the community.


Want to ask our Sarah Cannon Community a question?

Please email your question to community@sarahcannon.com.


How do I report abuse?

Please email abuse details to community@sarahcannon.com.


How do I send my feedback to Sarah Cannon Community?

Please email feedback to community@sarahcannon.com.


How do I cancel my account?

Please email deletion request to community@sarahcannon.com. We will send you a confirmation once your account is deleted.


What are the terms and privacy policies for the Sarah Cannon Community?

Prior to your use of the Sarah Cannon Community, please carefully review the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.