Clinical Trials - Clinical Research

Truth Seeking

Sarah Cannon’s research arm, Sarah Cannon Research Institute, is a truth-seeking clinical research organization committed to advancing the current treatment standards with targeted therapies.

Trusted Research Partner

By partnering with the leading pharmaceutical/biotech companies and investigators, we are bringing cutting-edge clinical trials into the communities that we serve so that patients have access close to home.

Leaders in Research

Sarah Cannon Research Institute's recognized physicians are at the forefront of shaping new standards of cancer care based upon the latest research and have held a leadership role in the development of nearly 80% of the cancer drugs approved in the last 3 years.

Access to Innovative Therapies

With one of the largest early-phase clinical trial programs in the world, Sarah Cannon Research Institute has initiated approximately 200 first-in-human trials to date and continues to be a leader in bringing novel therapies closer to patients in the community.