Sarah Cannon - December 02, 2014

Today celebrates the 3 rd annual "Giving Tuesday", a global day to give thanks and give back. Consider supporting the Sarah Cannon Fund today to help provide quality, innovative services for those impacted by cancer.

Many of us are familiar with the concept of "Paying it Forward : the idea of doing something for others as a way of showing appreciation for what was done for you or for support of a loved one. This is the same idea that underlines the reason for the Sarah Cannon Fund - to give patients, family members and friends a way to demonstrate their gratitude for the support and help they received during their cancer journey at Sarah Cannon by "paying it forward" in the form of donations to benefit future patients.

"The Sarah Cannon Fund was collaboratively established by PearlPoint Cancer Support and Sarah Cannon in 2012 to provide grateful patients and families the opportunity to make a charitable gift," said Susan Earl Hosbach, PearlPoint Cancer Support President & CEO. "The money is used to help support the mission of PearlPoint: to provide personalized, practical cancer-related content to help empower patients and their families and caregivers."

Empowering Patients With Information


A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, PearlPoint works with Sarah Cannon physicians and researchers to provide content to those impacted by cancer. It also created a free online service tool called MyPearlPoint - a Web-based supportive care portal that assists those searching for answers with information specific to their diagnosis. In the past year alone, PearlPoint has worked with Sarah Cannon clinicians as well as other industry experts to develop a wide range of resources, including:

  • 675 practical education articles and videos about cancer, including survivor stories and expert opinions
  • 12 different cancer-specific patient handbooks
  • cancer-specific nutrition guidance and tips for the 15 more common treatment side effects (also available as a mobile app)
  • a resource locator providing links to practical, financial and emotional resources for patients and family members
  • a clinical trials section to help people understand what clinical research is and why patients should participate in these research activities, along with an easy-to-use clinical trial locator

"We've also developed worksheets and tools that allow patients to track personalized information, so it's not only at their fingertips but also readily accessible by nurse navigators," said Hosbach. "Going forward, we want to develop and enhance more patient education toolsÑparticularly in two areas: clinical trials and nutrition - that are needed by the nurses as well as by the patients."

The Sarah Cannon Fund at Work

Creating, maintaining and expanding such a comprehensive resource requires a significant investment, and that is where the Sarah Cannon Fund plays a role. Donations made to the Sarah Cannon Fund enable PearlPoint to continue to provide patients with the latest information and guidance to support their medical treatment - all at no charge.

"We encourage people to consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Sarah Cannon Fund during the holiday season," said Hosbach. "It's a wonderful way to give the gift of support and encouragement to cancer patients while helping them manage their experience with the disease in the best possible way."

For more information, visit the Sarah Cannon Fund page .