In early 2017, Sarah Cannon merged with GenoSpace to enhance personalized medicine delivery. Utilizing GenoSpace’s first-in-class data analytics and clinical trial matching applications, Sarah Cannon leverages powerful insights from across large patient populations to bring the highest quality care to patients.


About GenoSpace

GenoSpace built a comprehensive platform for precision medicine to enable interpretation, analysis, reporting and collaboration on high-dimensional genomic and other biomedical data. With specific applications supporting research, development, pathology and clinical care, Sarah Cannon’s network is armed with an efficient and powerful tool to match patients to the right trial at the right time in their cancer journey. 

Our Impact

Advancements in molecular testing have resulted in the development of new targeted therapies and clinical trials with improved outcomes for patients across tumor types. However, participation in clinical trials is low, with only 3-5% of cancer patients participating in clinical studies.

Sarah Cannon’s partnership with GenoSpace, a leader in cloud-based software, advances our mission of bringing innovative technologies and access to clinical trials into the community to transform standards of care for patients. Sarah Cannon’s Personalized Medicine Program provides clinical trial guidance, therapy decision support, molecular tumor board infrastructure, and clinical research support to hundreds of community oncologists across the United States through GenoSpace.

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