Accreditation agencies evaluate health care provider organizations to provide accreditation or certification signifying that those places meet certain performance standards. Sarah Cannon is an innovative leader in oncology. Our accredited facilities strive to maintain the highest standards for offered programs in the inpatient and outpatient hospital settings.

Measuring Clinical Quality and Safety

Measuring performance tells whether we are achieving our ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes. Sarah Cannon tracks performance measures to assess patient safety, quality of care and satisfaction.

Clinical Research

Sarah Cannon Research Institute is dedicated to performing quality clinical research. We monitor and regularly measure our performance to ensure that we meet the expectations of our patients and customers.

  1. Research Quality Policy
    Sarah Cannon Research Institute's Quality Policy is embedded within our Mission and Values statements and is communicated to, and understood by, personnel at all levels of the company. Sarah Cannon Research Institute's Mission and Values are relevant to the current needs and expectations of both Sarah Cannon Research Institute and the customer. As the needs and expectations of the market change, the Mission, Values, and Quality Objectives are reviewed and may be changed through management review to ensure continuing suitability and customer satisfaction.
  2. Quality Management System (QMS)
    Sarah Cannon Research Institute's commitment to quality is inherent at all levels of the company and complies with applicable industry standards and regulations for the countries within which we provide services. Executive management ensures that the processes are supported culturally and financially across the business through establishment of the QMS, ensuring the availability of resources, and ongoing review of the QMS.

    Sarah Cannon Research Institute's quality management system (QMS) incorporates the process approach to quality as defined in ISO 9001:2008 and establishes, documents, and maintains the quality objectives, policies, and procedures necessary to meet regulatory and client requirements in order to maintain and continually improve business performance and customer satisfaction by:
    • Defining and documenting the processes necessary to support a consistent approach to clinical research studies;
    • Defining and documenting foundational QMS processes and procedures to be utilized across all functional areas and businesses;
    • Ensuring that processes are in compliance with global regulations, guidance documents, and GCP; and
    • Ensuring training is conducted and professional knowledge is advanced.
    Each SOP identifies the roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities for all determined processes, including inputs and outputs, and the requirement for documentation and records per applicable regulations.

    Feedback from customers and regulatory agencies occurs during audits, inspections, or assessments, and ongoing communications. Information received during these activities is used to enhance customer satisfaction and improve the QMS and delivery of services.