Comprised of affiliated hospitals, physician practices and other sites of care across the United States and United Kingdom, the Sarah Cannon Cancer Network is transforming cancer care through integrated services and cutting-edge technologies. Supported by the resources and strategic guidance of premier healthcare services provider HCA Healthcare, our physicians can develop leading oncology programs to advance science and patient care. Providing physician-led patient care offers our doctors access to a national network of experts, where multidisciplinary teams come together with a goal of delivering seamlessly coordinated, quality cancer care. Through a united network of globally recognized oncology specialists, we collaborate and share best practices to address each aspect of the cancer journey, from screening and diagnosis through treatment and survivorship, to advance our shared mission:

Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.

Cancer care close to home

By bringing together a network of globally-recognized cancer experts, we are collaborating and sharing best practices that address every aspect of the cancer journey, from screening and diagnosis through treatment and survivorship. 

Communities we serve:

Through partnerships with Sarah Cannon Research Institute (SCRI) and other organizations, clinicians have access to enroll patients in groundbreaking oncology clinical trials. Our physicians participate in governance boards and tumor review boards to share best practices and continue learning. Sarah Cannon Cancer Network supports physician members by providing advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies, access to clinical trials, accreditation support, as well as nationally recognized oncology navigation and cancer registry programs.

Being connected to something bigger means our physicians can make a greater impact in communities across the US and UK through collaboration, clinical excellence and advanced research.

The Sarah Cannon name

Sarah Cannon was a television and radio personality, known worldwide for her Grand Ole Opry character “Minnie Pearl.” After receiving treatment for breast cancer at our founding center in Nashville, she offered the use of her given name to promote cancer research and patient education with a vision of offering patients convenient access to early detection, clinical trials and a team approach to cancer care.

The Sarah Cannon Cancer Network story

Sarah Cannon has been leading the fight against cancer since 1993, when a team of physicians came together with a shared vision: to make cancer clinical trials accessible to the community. With a focus on offering patients greater access to clinical trials in the earliest phases of their cancer journey, our founders established the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center in Nashville, Tennessee – the first community-based cancer research program. Four years later, they created the first drug development program outside of an academic setting, further proving their dedication and innovative approach. This program is now one of the largest of its kind in the world.

In 2004, our offerings expanded into communities across the United States and United Kingdom when we formed the Sarah Cannon Research Institute (SCRI), one of the largest patient-centric clinical trial organizations in the world conducting drug development at every phase, including first-in-human studies.

Sarah Cannon became the Cancer Institute of HCA Healthcare in 2012. Extending our reach far beyond clinical trials for cancer and with the ability to impact more communities, we are committed to addressing every aspect of care – from diagnosis through recovery.

In 2022, SCRI formed a joint venture with former US Oncology Research to enhance clinical trial access and availability across the country. The combined research network brings together physicians who are actively accruing patients to clinical trials at more than 250 locations in 24 states. Focused on advancing therapies for patients over the last three decades, SCRI is a leader in drug development. Learn more about SCRI’s research services at

To meet the evolving needs of communities, HCA Healthcare embarked on a journey to redefine its cancer care offering to physicians and patients. In 2024, the Sarah Cannon Cancer Network was brought to life. Today, the network comprises partnering hospitals offering world-class cancer care close to home for hundreds of thousands of patients, unmatched by any cancer center.

With 250 affiliated sites of care across 20 states, including over 70 Commission on Cancer accredited hospitals, patients and providers have access to innovative cancer treatments. Sarah Cannon Cancer Network facilities also benefit from the invaluable support of 180+ nurse navigators, access to robust physician-led clinical pathways and innovative work done by our research partner, SCRI.

Together, we are transforming cancer care.