Why Choose Us

At least 50% of all cancer patients will receive radiation therapy at some stage during their course of treatment.  Sarah Cannon is one of the largest providers of radiation oncology services in the United States, and our facilities include more than 50 radiation oncology treatment centers.

When your treatment course calls for radiation treatment, Sarah Cannon provides comprehensive radiation oncology services as a part of its comprehensive cancer programs across the U.S.

Successful delivery of radiation therapy relies on the coordination of a highly-trained multidisciplinary team using complex imaging technology, radiation delivery devices, and sophisticated computer systems to assess, plan and treat patients. At HCA/ Sarah Cannon, we believe that no individual initiative or technology leads to a superior radiation oncology program, but that it takes an interconnected program built upon the tenets of safety, high quality and continuous improvement for the best outcomes for our patients.

Patients have access to advanced treatment options at any of our Sarah Cannon radiation oncology locations. Your team in radiation oncology will work with your primary care physician, medical oncologist, surgeon and other members of your cancer care team to meet your individual needs.

  • 1,000 patients treated each day
  • 80+ treatment delivery systems across the enterprise
  • One of the largest providers of radiation oncology services in the U.S.
  • 50 HCA Radiation Oncology facilities across the U.S.
  • Radiation Oncology services across 16 states