Sarah Cannon - May 20, 2020

May 20th is Clinical Trials Day, a time to honor patients enrolling on trials and raise awareness about innovative treatment options available through these studies. Sarah Cannon Research Institute has been a clinical trial leader in the majority of approved therapies over the last decade. As a leader in the field of early-phase research, Sarah Cannon has conducted more than 400 first-in-human clinical trials. Sarah Cannon also enrolls more than 3,000 patients per year on clinical trials across its network.

In the fight against cancer, clinical trials are important because they can help advance new treatment options for both patients today as well as patients in the future. To learn about the importance of clinical trials, their impact on cancer care, advances in clinical trials and more, watch the video below with James Reeves, MD, Director of Research Operations at Florida Cancer Specialists.

To learn more about clinical trials, visit Clinical Trials 101 – Everything You Need to Know. If you have questions about clinical trials, call askSARAH at (844) 482-4812.

Clinical Trials Day