Sarah Cannon - May 12, 2016

Jack, a 63-year-old, has been living with mesothelioma, an aggressive cancer affecting the membrane lining of the lungs and abdomen, since 2008. After being treated with chemotherapy and radiation for a year, Jack came to Sarah Cannon Research Institute in Nashville, Tenn., to find a more effective treatment for his cancer. An active golfer and grandfather, Jack is currently on cycle 92 of a clinical trial for an innovative targeted therapy using a PI3 kinase inhibitor, which has improved his cancer journey and given him the energy to move to Dallas, Texas, to spend more time with his grand kids.

Jack was the first mesothelioma patient to show a response to the inhibitors, triggering the enrollment of additional mesothelioma patients into the trial. These inhibitors are now in late phase clinical trials. Jack's wife, Lisa, has been his rock through this cancer journey working alongside his clinical research nurse, Dawn, who has been guiding him through his treatment. Jack's care team now schedules his treatments once a month so he can spend time with family, doing the activities he enjoys.

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