Sarah Cannon - October 13, 2015

Judy is a 56-year-old nurse practitioner and 26-year military veteran who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, entered remission for 10 years, but then had a recurrence of her breast cancer in December 2012. Judy's cancer progressed despite hormone therapy so her medical oncologist at Tennessee Oncology, Dr. Patrick Murphy, referred her to Sarah Cannon Research Institute in Nashville for a clinical trial.

She was placed on a clinical trial for a drug called abemaciclib, which works to control her cancer by stopping its progression.

Judy has seen great success on the drug, which she has taken for nearly a year. Prior to enrolling on the clinical trial, Judy was prescribed narcotic pain medication to control the pain she felt as a result of her cancer, but now that her condition has improved on the clinical trial, she can continue to work two jobs, care for her family, travel and even started training for a 5k run/walk.

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