Sarah Cannon - May 19, 2015

May is Oncology Nursing Month Ñ a time to recognize the important role nurses who specialize in cancer play in caring for those facing the disease. Oncology Nursing Month originally began as a one-day event. Over the years, however, the celebration grew to be a month-long celebration, says the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) , who founded the event. The theme for 2015 is ÒCare, Compassion, Commitment,Ó which aptly describes the focus on oncology nurses.

The Role of Oncology Nursing nurses who specialize in cancer

ÒNurses play an essential role in the care team of a cancer patient. They administer chemotherapy, manage  side effects, and assist with cancer research . Nurses also serve as nurse navigators to coordinate care through the cancer continuum,Ó said Crystal Dugger, assistant vice president of clinical operations at Sarah Cannon. ÒNurses take great pride in their work and becoming oncology certified shows the extra commitment to their patients facing cancer.Ó

Oncology nurses, who already hold a BSN or RN degree, complete additional, specialized training in cancer care which shows a level of expertise in the field and is often seen as the letters ÒOCNÓ beside the nurseÕs name. Sarah Cannon has many Oncology Certified Nurses throughout the network, showing a commitment to the profession and more importantly, the patient.

Show Your Appreciation

If you want to express your thanks and gratitude to a special nurse who has helped you through the cancer journey or show your support to the oncology nursing profession as a whole, here are a few suggestions: