Sarah Cannon - January 19, 2016

Tracey, a former Pro Figure competitor/bodybuilder, was doing her usual morning stretches when she noticed a lump at the base of her right breast, just days before her annual mammogram. At her appointment in March of 2014, Tracey's radiologist ordered an ultrasound and a subsequent biopsy which revealed invasive ductal carcinoma, a type of breast cancer. tracey2

"I found out on a Friday night," said Tracey, "and I was blindsided by the diagnosis. I kept thinking, 'But I'm healthy, I eat well, I exercise.' I was in shock."

After learning of Tracey's family history with cancer, her care team also recommended genetic testing. Sarah Cannon HCA Midwest Health in Kansas City has the region's leading genetic testing and counseling program with board-certified genetic counselors, which empowers patients like Tracey to make important healthcare decisions.

"If anyone has the chance for genetic testing, do it. Be proactive. My mom had breast cancer at age 35 and my cousin had ovarian cancer, but I didn't know I needed to undergo genetic testing to determine my risk. If you have the chance of getting cancer because of your family history, please seek out genetic testing," said Tracey.

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