Cancer Care in North Texas

Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Medical City Healthcare

Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Medical City Healthcare is bringing an increasing number of advanced cancer care services closer to patients and families in North Texas. This provides our patients even greater access to leading-edge cancer treatment options, breakthrough research and compassionate caregivers at 10 locations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In addition, Sarah Cannon Cancer Hospital at Medical City Plano includes more than 60 dedicated beds for medical and surgical oncology patients.

In times of darkness, we hold the light.
In times when others need strength, we offer the power.
Power to inspire, power to help, power to heal.
We do this by coming together.
Together, we are Medical City Healthcare and Sarah Cannon.
Our power can spread faster than any cancer can.

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Cancer Care from diagnosis through survivorship

Our multidisciplinary teams of cancer physicians and specialists, including dietitians, social workers, pastoral care and child life and psycho-social therapists, work together to create programs that are well-equipped to treat patients with a wide variety of cancers.

Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Medical City Healthcare offers screenings when applicable, treatment and care for:

Cancer treatment in North Texas

As a part of Sarah Cannon’s network, each of Medical City Healthcare’s locations offers the latest in cancer treatments, including common standard-of-care treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, as well as immunotherapy and clinical trials.

Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Medical City Healthcare offers access to oncology-specialized nurse navigators, who are members of a multidisciplinary care team, and can serve as an advocate and educator for you and your family. You will also have access to genetic counseling and patient-centered services like psycho-social support, as well as access to multidisciplinary cancer conferences, which bring together specialists to discuss the best personalized treatment plan in your cancer journey.  

To learn more about integrated cancer services across North Texas, visit Medical City Healthcare's oncology page.