Sarah Cannon - October 01, 2019

David Spigel, MD, Chief Scientific Officer and Director the Lung Research Program at Sarah Cannon, shares his insights on the latest advancements in lung cancer care.

What are the latest advancements in lung cancer treatment?

Lung cancer treatment has seen many exciting advancements over a short period of time. We now have multiple immunotherapies, which harness the body's own immune system to fight cancer, approved in the U.S. for patients with advanced lung cancer. Patients with specific types of genetically attested lung cancer are also able to access oral treatments that can help control their disease.

Sarah Cannon has a number of ongoing clinical trials studying immunotherapies in combination with other treatments for patients with lung cancer.

David Spigel, MD

What do we have to look forward to in 2019 in lung cancer research?

This year, we expect to learn more about immunotherapies in earlier stages of disease.

Why are clinical trials important for the advancement of lung cancer care?

Immunotherapy trials are critical for developing the next wave of treatment options for our patients. These trials will help us to better identify the best treatment at the right time for those facing lung cancer. We look forward to continuing to discover new ways to advance these therapies for our patients.

What questions should patients ask when considering a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are the first step in advancing cancer care. It is important for patients to ask questions about their clinical trial options. I encourage patients to ask: What is the trial? Am I a good candidate? What should I expect? When can I expect a result? What are my other options?

For more information on lung cancer, visit the Lung Cancer Education Section on the Sarah Cannon website.

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