Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at HealthONE Support Services

At Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at HealthONE, we provide our patients with access to Denver’s largest network of comprehensive cancer services with support at each step along the way.

A nurse navigator is a member of your multidisciplinary care team who serves as an advocate and educator for you and your family during and after your cancer journey. Nurse navigators facilitate communication between your entire care team, help coordinate appointments and transportation and are there to address any other barriers you may face during your cancer journey.

Multidisciplinary conferences are meetings where doctors across specialties come together to discuss a personalized treatment plan for your cancer. Patients and their families can be assured they are receiving the best treatment plan from a team of expert physicians at HealthONE and across the Sarah Cannon network.

Cancer Survivorship Care in Denver

After completing cancer treatment, rehabilitation and survivorship care is crucial to a full recovery. Emotional rehabilitation, support groups, complementary therapies, physical rehabilitation and healing arts therapies are offered across HealthONE’s network of hospitals. These services will help strengthen your body and mind, as well as help you adjust to a new normal.

At Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Hospital, we offer a healing arts therapy program that provides a patient-centered, open-studio approach where creativity is an option at any time of day. Healing Arts Program employs a masters-trained certified art therapist to address the needs of patients who have or are recovering from cancer.