CAR T-Cell Therapy, an immunotherapy, is a novel therapy that  programs a patient’s immune system  to recognize and fight cancer. The immune system is responsible for ridding the body of abnormal cells that are foreign (like cancer) or infected. T-lymphocytes (T-Cells) are a type of cell responsible for killing abnormal cells. During the CAR T-Cell treatment process, T-Cells are drawn from a patient's blood and genetically modified to recognize the patient’s cancer cells when reinfused.

Here’s how it works:

  1. First, a patient’s white blood cells are collected through a process called apheresis.
  2. Then, the T-Cells are isolated from other blood cells.
  3. T-Cells are then modified in a special facility to program them to recognize the cancer cells, what can be thought of as “fighter” T-Cells.
  4. Lastly, the new “fighter” T-Cells are reinfused into the patient to target and kill  the cancer.

CAR T-Cell Therapy

Sarah Cannon Blood Cancer Network

Sarah Cannon Blood Cancer Network programs across the United States offer both research and FDA-approved CAR T-Cell Therapy options and have been actively involved in CAR T-Cell clinical trials for years. In fact, Sarah Cannon was one of the first non-university research centers to offer this therapy, continuing our mission to treat patients with promising new agents close to home.

CAR T-Cell Therapy Clinical Trials:

Learn more about CAR T-Cell therapy, a type of immunotherapy, from Dr. David Spigel, MD, Chief Scientific Officer at Sarah Cannon Research Institute on Fox News.