Sarah Cannon’s Molecular Tumor Board brings together cancer experts from across the network to discuss treatment plans based on a patient’s molecular profile.

In contrast to traditional cancer tumor boards, molecular tumor boards are made up of cancer experts across specialties as well as researchers with expertise on a variety of cancer types, gene sequencing technologies and genomic data, who all work together to make informed treatment decisions.

‚ÄčAs the availability of genetic testing increases and the cost decreases, more physicians are interested in using molecular profiling to help determine treatment plans, but many are not trained on reading molecular data. Sarah Cannon’s Molecular Tumor Board serves as a panel of expert clinicians and scientists that can advise any oncologist on treatment recommendations based on a patient’s molecular profiling results.

With more than 100 molecularly-targeted clinical trials across the Sarah Cannon network, patients have access to the latest therapies specific to their cancer. Learn more about Sarah Cannon clinical trials.