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Sarah Cannon Leadership and Physician Experts

Photo of Andrew McKenzie, PhD

Andrew McKenzie, PhD

Director, Personalized Medicine, Sarah Cannon; Scientific Director, Genospace

Dr. McKenzie joined Sarah Cannon in 2015 and serves as the director of Sarah Cannon’s Personalized Medicine Program. He joined Genospace, Sarah Cannon’s precision medicine platform, in 2021 and serves as scientific director.

McKenzie has more than 10 years of basic science and translational research experience in oncology. As the Personalized Medicine Program director, Dr. McKenzie is responsible for providing scientific and operational oversight for implementing Sarah Cannon's personalized medicine strategy. He and the Personalized Medicine Program provide scientific, consultative and programmatic services to clinical research investigators, study sponsors, research personnel and other healthcare providers to advance Sarah Cannon's molecular profiling efforts. As scientific director at Genospace, McKenzie is responsible for providing scientific and strategic guidance to data science and product development activities.

Prior to joining Sarah Cannon, Dr. McKenzie was a research fellow in the Cancer Biology Department at Vanderbilt University's Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center where he investigated extracellular vesicle trafficking and translational cell biology research. He earned a Bachelor of Science from Shorter College and a Doctor of Philosophy in pharmacology from The University of Vermont where he investigated extracellular matrix remodeling and cell motility.