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Sarah Cannon Leadership and Physician Experts

Photo of Anita Sexton, PhD, MBA

Anita Sexton, PhD, MBA

Head, Drug Development Unit, Sarah Cannon Research Institute – UK

Dr. Sexton joined Sarah Cannon in 2019, and is responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of the drug development unit (DDU) facility, business and staff in the UK. In her role, she oversees the day-to-day operational management of the Sarah Cannon Research Institute-UK DDU, contributes to the Sarah Cannon international strategy for cancer research and works to develop an oncology clinical trial menu that serves patients across the UK.

Previously, Dr. Sexton served as principle consultant for d-wise Technologies Inc. in Manchester, UK. She received her Bachelor of Science in cell and molecular biology from Essex University in 1990, a Doctor of Philosophy in neuroscience from the University College London in 1995 and a Master of Business Administration from Kingston Business School in 2004.